Manolis Papoutsakis was born and raised in Kissamos, Chania and received his basic school education there. He studied at the University of Rethymnon and received his degree from the School of Philosophy. In the army he received his basic training as a cook and from then on he realized and decided that cooking would become his profession, and philosophy his hobby. He was in Thessaloniki for his doctoral dissertation in Plato, but at the same time, he continued to build his culinary career. As a cook he grew up  in the kitchen of the Cretan restaurant “Myrsini” and after passing through the kitchens of other restaurants, in 2017 he decided to open his own Cretan restaurant, “Charoupi”, of which he is also the chef.
The restaurant has already been distinguished and awarded many times (Athinorama, Golden Hats, FNL) while it has given a new dynamic of renewal to the traditional Cretan cuisine. At the same time he is the chef and co-owner of the modern tavern Ten Tables in Thessaloniki. He is a regular member of the Chefs Club of Crete, teaches cooking at IIEK DELTA Thessaloniki and has participated as a judge in several national cooking competitions, as well as in the TV competition Master chef junior, while he also has his own cooking show on state television on PGI Greek products. He writes for gastronomy issues in Olive magazine as well as in the newspaper Makedonia of Thessaloniki. He recently returned from Sweden, where he apprenticed for 3 months at the renowned Frantzen restaurant (3 * Michelin, no 21 in the world rankings). He travels a lot and loves good food and wine.