“Rhodian gastronomy was almost disappeared”


We re-invented it at a time when little was known about authentic Rhodian flavours. Αt the beginning this was only a project among friends. Now it is a reality.
Our mission is to keep the flame of our traditions alive, to improve them, to awaken memories and to spread them to our guests.
A genuine reality that reverberates around Greece, diffusing words like “pitaroudia”, “xerohimisi”, “petsia”, and “louria”.
Today we came to a point where 22 Rhodian dishes are included in our menu, narrating 22 different stories of a forgotten daily life.


The Tradition…

George Troumouchis was born in Rhodes, and literally grew up in the best kitchens of the time. With a passionate chef father, he did not have many options for the profession he would follow. He begun next to him, during his summer vacations as a child for all the chores and at all the posts, he learned that cooking means energy, dexterity and craftsmanship.
All these years for him, cooking has been the subject of discussion of perfection and transcendence through the unexpected and the unpredictable.
“For me, examining tradition means trying to understand today”.
George is the executive chef of Elysium Resort & Spa for the last ten years. Few years ago, he started with friends a detailed record of Rhodian cuisine. They went village by village, door by door and collected all Rhodian traditional recipes.

The Innovation…

Αs a child growing up in a gastronomic family, began to fall in love with the smells that came from the kitchen of his grandma, the only person of the family that never worked professionally as cook.
After graduating from the culinary school, he immediately joined his uncle’s gastronomic team. Then worked in many Michelin restaurants in Chicago, Switzerland, Norway and Belgium.
In 2014 he returned to Rhodes as Head Chef of Noble. Based on his uncle research, he created a menu consisting of authentic and sometimes forgotten recipes.
He embarked on a journey back in time, reaching a point where tastes were real and aromas genuine.
Currently, George Troumouchis and Stamatios Misomikes share the kitchen, the culinary knowledge, τηε passion, as well as the enthusiasm they bring to cooking.


Located on the top floor of the main building of Elysium Resort & Spa, Noble offers a multisensory culinary experience focusing on Rhodian cuisine. Chef Stamatios Misomikes and George Troumouchis use science and modern technology to create modernist and progressive re-interpretations of traditional recipes.
The breathtaking panoramic views of the Faliraki bay, the minimal décor, and the soft piano melodies create an enchanting dining environment.

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2019 Menus

Return to essence

Sample the Noble experience and discover the authentic Rhodian cuisine with our constantly evolving tasting menu.
The Biotope 8-course tasting menu has been inspired by seasonal ingredients, the diversity of Rhodian cuisine, and our romantic perception.

We have created the Biotope menu starting from the very beginning when flavours were real and aromas genuine.
Designed to preserve the authentic flavour and the uniqueness of Rhodian products,
with each dish narrating the story of a forgotten daily life in order to trigger emotions and awaken memories.
Meet, be nostalgic, smell and taste…
An invitation to a dream trip to Rhodes’ deep hidden history…


  • 80 /PERSON
    • 8 course tasting menu

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