Elysium Resort & Spa’s Noble Restaurant organizes the second Local Gourmet Festival: Between 19 – 23 July 2019, our visitors will have the opportunity to taste unique culinary creations by Greek chefs who excel in awarded restaurants across the globe.

This year, the Rhodian cuisine will meet the modern Greek cuisine. Every evening, our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique 7-course tasting menu in the logic of a 4-hand dinner: 3 dishes of Greek origin prepared by the invited chef, 3 dishes inspired from Rhodes’ tradition prepared by the Noble team headed by George Troumouchis and Stamatis Misomikes, and a dish or common gastronomic reference.


  • Friday 19 July

  • /
    • Opening Event
    • (By Invitation Only)
  • Saturday 20 July

  • Euro 85 /PERSON (excl. drinks)
    • Invited Chef:
    • Thanos Feskos
    • Geranium (Michelin 3 stars)
    • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Sunday 21 July

  • Euro 85 /PERSON (excl. drinks)
    • Invited Chef:
    • Eric Ivanidis
    • Oak (Michelin 1 star)
    • Gent, Belgium
  • Monday 22 July

  • Euro 85 /PERSON (excl. drinks)
    • Invited Chef:
    • Mike Papafilis
    • L’Ambroisie (Michelin 3 stars)
    • Paris, France
  • Tuesday 23 July

  • Euro 85 /PERSON (excl. drinks)
    • Invited Chef:
    • Athinagoras Kostakos
    • Meraki (The Michelin Plate)
    • London, U.K.

The Chefs



    A number of significant companies – partners of Elysium Resort & Spa and Noble have proven, through their generous sponsorship,  their support to the promotion of local gastronomy.