Golden Toque Award 2024

Golden Togue 2024

6th Golden Togue Award for Noble

The Golden Toque 2024 were awarded to the country’s best restaurants on Monday, April 8, at the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel.

Among them was once again our esteemed Noble restaurant, which received its sixth consecutive award in Modern Greek cuisine.

Being the only Golden Toque awarded restaurant in the Dodecanese, we extend our deepest gratitude to our talented chefs and our exceptional service team for their passion, creativity, and hard work, which have consistently elevated our restaurant to new heights.

As we enter another season, we eagerly anticipate displaying our culinary prowess at the annual Local Gourmet Festival 2024, which promises to be the highlight of Rhodes’ gastronomic scene this upcoming summer.

Stay tuned, as we invite you to join us to continue to delight and inspire our guests with our innovative dishes, hospitality, and dedication.