Golden Togue 2023

Anniversary ceremony of the 30th Golden Togue awards

In the imposing hall of the hotel “Great Britain”, the anniversary ceremony of the 30th Golden Togue highlighted our restaurant as one of the 39 top culinary destinations in Greece. It is a special pleasure and honour for us to be among the top restaurants in the country, making  Noble unique in Rhodes and the Dodecanese.

For us, the Golden Torgue is not just an award, but a driving force that encourages us to continue our effort to highlight the Rhodian cuisine and make it known to the whole world. We would like to warmly thank the Executive Chef of Elysium Resort & Spa, George Troumouhis, the chef of Noble, Spyros Kougios, as well as the entire kitchen team and the restaurant’s service staff for their contribution to this success.

The award night on 11th September 2023 was an opportunity to meet personalities from the fields of culture, business, tourism and the mass media. The 39 best culinary destinations of the country are the protagonists of the culinary scene. At the same time, three special awards were recognized, offering yet another reason for pride and joy.

We invite you to share with us the joy of gastronomy and live a unique taste experience in the world of Noble, during this summer of 2024.